Our Approach

We endeavor to help youth in transitional states. We believe that education and awareness allow one to be informed and make better decision.

Our Story

At any time, there are as many as 400,000 children in the foster care system. Each state has its own department dedicated to foster care. The children who enter care may have little more than what they are wearing. They are taken away from everything they know and that is familiar. There is no way to change the trauma that comes with such a swift change of environment. We can however start to create something that the child can feel is truly their own.

Meet the Team

The organizers have as combinations 10+ years as foster parents and have hosted over 13 youths with age ranges from 5 days old to 17 years of age. The length of stay has ranged from a few days up to years. All member of the board has had extensive interaction with youth in various forms. There is experience in youth camps, summer camps, foster care, sports league, girl scouts etc.


Alesia Perry


Cedric Jones


Latissha Clark


Jennifer Clark

Next Steps...

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