Who We Are

We envision, and strive to create, a world where every child that has experienced foster care
has the opportunities and support they need to pursue their dreams and become productive
members of our community.

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The Problem

Youth that are entering into the foster care system often come with nothing. It is quite often that they have there belongings in trash bags.When a child enters into the system one should not enter into there new temporary life with trash bags. Even though this is a common occurrence it is not the model that should be replicated for future incoming youth. How can we help alleviate this problem?

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Our Solution

Joys of Genesis seeks to provide assistance to those youths. We endeavor to ease this transition into the
unknown for the youths.

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Our Message

We will serve youth newly introduced to the foster care system. We hope to minimized stress and introduce comfort in their transitional times. We endeavor to branch out to help other youth in transitional states. We believe that education and awareness allows one to be informed and make better decision. This is why we plan to incorporate life skill, tutorials and support for youth across America.


How You Can Help!

For information on donations or to volunteer feel free to contact us!